Andre Ragnauth, Ph.D., M.Phil.


Andre studies the genetic networks involved in cognition. His research has focused on opioid pathways and the oxytocin system and their modulation of both hormonal systems and affiliative behaviors. Andre brings to Unifi Biotechnologies over 20 years of neuropharmacology, neurobiology and behavior research expertise, including serving as the Founding Director of the Animal Behavior Phenotyping Core Facility at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NYC. and the James J. Peters Veterans Administration Medical Center, NYC. He is an active affiliate of Harlem Biospace – the first biotech incubator founded as a public/private partnership in NYC – providing biotechnology consultation and acting as a liaison between HB and the New York City University research community. Andre formerly headed the Bio-Behavior Laboratory and Behavioral Core Facility at the Sophie Davis Medical School of The City College of New York. After earning a Ph.D. in neuropharmacology from the City University of New York, Andre completed a post-doctoral research fellowship in biophysics at The Rockefeller University. He is a US Army GWOT veteran.